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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Of proper exam preperation the Chris Humphries way and re-mixing midi files.

Oh, Shit, Exams! You may have been tempted to say last week or the one before. I felt a small dread myself, but didn't let it hold me back. The day before my english exam I went downtown with my friend Alia and say Alice in Wonderland played to Pink Floyd. It matches well in some spots. We then became intoxicated and watched Labrynth at her humble abode with our friend Julian, a bar-tender. We became even more intoxicated before leaving, but as we rode the bus home Jules told me an anecdote about the time I had forgotten my briefcase. Relevence was in the air as we realized I had done it again! Departing the bus, I booked it back to our stop. The cold journey took ten minutes and arriving, found three young men exploring my case.


I recommend Hamlet the Lego Musical whole-heartedly... except episode 1. Episode two pretty much fires all their rockets at once and explodes into space right away, so maybe don't even watch the first one. The producers maintain a quick pace and don't bog the tale down with indulgances. I give it a 'delicious fantastico'.
----And now back to the story...----

"That's my case", I said the best I could with little air in my lungs. Promptly they replaced the contents and returned it. As we waited for another bus, one of them said to me, "Labrynth is one of my favourite movies", the film being in the case along with a short story collection called Labrynths by Jorge Loui Borges. This began a discussion where I learned they to we intoxicated and going hom to become more so. Possesing a surplus of beer, they invited me along.

Reloading the bus, the driver questioned the transfer I showed him. My explanation of lost briefcase didn't seem to be enough, but with the help of my new commrades, I was allowed on and the evening once again broke out into intoxication and watching Labrynth. Waking the next morning, I said goodbye to the only other person capable of consciousness and arrived home with time to clean up.

Writing the exam, I produced two complete drafts of my essay; the second a document I was quite pleased with and proud of. This is proper exam preperation the Chris Humphries way.

Attempting to get a midi file to play on my iPod I dragged it to Garage Band and it sliced the file into the original components the best it could. I fooled around with Time Scar from Chrono Cross for a while and this is what I produced: Scar Re-Mix.m4a
(You may have to right-click to get it. If you're using safari you'll then might want to remove the .txt file extension this challenged browser likes to add to files).

Give it a shot. It's alot easier then composeing from scratch.
~ Chris H.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Subway party a kick-ass.


News from the front of awsome.

The subway party was well attended and I think every last person (even the ones who were riding the train home and just sat there) had a good time. Alot of intertesting people were there, brandishing flutes, unicycles and eggnog. I give the event a 5 and encourage it's reproduction. My only misgiving, is that with a subway party... you can wake up anywhere.

And so I came to amid a dingy basement of cold cement and stale air. My first thought was that I had been ubducted by Buffalo Bill, the idea dismissed by the fact I have low skin content. Taking to exploration I discovered the basement was a maze of many rooms containing many dirty matresses and thrown away psychology books: I was in student housing... but where?
Discovering the staircase, I launched into the livable floors and after meeting a few of the residence, discovered how I had arrived. An OCAD student named Chris had brought a group of us back for an after party (including another Chris) where I was very sick, but well looked after. Using google maps my host showed me we were on Dupont and after pooling change I departed for home.

if you would like to attend this or a similar event, is the place to be.

Here are some pics from with me.

In the upper right corner I prepare to greet someone who has no knowledge of the event, but is willing to party at any time. My kind of person.
Unawares the wiley photogrpaher was stalking me, he captured my wristband I may one day play a small game of checkers on.The best pic of me. What you should be looking at is flute guy; I encouraged him to find the bongo-master and uchalaylie mistro to form a jam session.

This was similar to Monday morning when I had woken in a badly furnished common room. Unawares; I explored and found a Serbian sleeping on the couch accross from me who I later learned I had kidnapped. While we were at Downsview Stn. the previous night he had called a friend at York and told him where to meet us. The trio then got loaded, ate at the late night food spot and crashed in the friend's res. I think it's the most fun you can have kidnapped and the Serbian might agree, he added me to MSN the next day. York University, I have penetrated thee.

Another obnoxious post down.

~ Chris H.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wanna party?

Got this in my e-mail and thought I'd pass it along:
Newmindspace presents:

Not far from the North Pole, Santa's sleigh springs to life in Toronto. You soar high above the earth, dropping presents in chimneys while visions of sugar plums dance in your head. Elves sing, faeries dance and snowflakes fall as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. BRING: costumes, silly hats, decorations, hot chocolate, candy canes, secret snowflake presents, cameras, dreidels, musical instruments, paper snowflakes or just a friend to the end of the track at Kipling station at 11:11 PM.

Meet at the end of the track

THE FINE PRINT: You may join the party at any station along the Bloor-Danforth line, just wait by the last car. This party is free and appropriate for all ages. Please do not drink alcohol or smoke on the train. Respect our transit workers, leave the subway clean. Do not press the emergency alarm! Most importantly, this night is what you make it. Bring your best!

WE NEED: A soundsystem [ours is busted] & an afterparty. Any ideas?

RE-POSTING: E-mail & blogs OK :) No forums please.

Special guest: Newmindspace buttons! Available for a small donation to help fund a streetcar party(!) soon.

For more info check out or if the site is busy.

See you there!
<3 lori & kevin.

~ Chris H.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Little known facts about Josh Mallinson #1

Everyone loves watching dictators fall. They attend the post-denouncing ceremonies, get loaded like it's Thursday and maybe loot a window display or two. Not in my country. The very people I crushed beneath my iron fist were denied they're freedom celebration because their no good 'liberators' only won on accouna' they were sent by a much more ruthless, fearless, beer swilling and some say 'MacBethish' dictator. That was the day I, Conceasar Saladin, was taken prisoner by Josh Mallinson - history's greatest monster (*As voted on the History Channel webpage).

Joyfully they occupied the capitol. On the 11 0'clock news that night it was announced Mallinson was seizing everyone's assets. All citizens were ordered to put every possesion they own into the waste bin provided and patiently wait on the curb for pick-up. Some citizens resisted, the only thing remaining from their stand a large amount of scattered teeth down a residential avenue. The real world powers, nations that unlike Mallinson's had more to bring to battle then just bolas, became very worried and decided to launch some blitzkrieg of their own.

The world was stunned by the furher's failure. He had been on Time magazine, who else could do it? Luckily, years of attacks on Japan by monster's of varying radioactivity and ancientness resulted in the development of counter measures or 'monster calvary'. Unfortunately (again, for my formerly subjagated) Mallinson can sometimes be described as "unforgiving".

Though the picture is clearly an artist's rendition (that is, artists later added the mosters to an image they had previously added Mallinson) it's clear of the battle's outcome. The world readies 'opperation: ohmyfuck! What'rewethinking?!?!' as Mallinson plans his innaugeral ball. All this and more next time on "Little known facts about Josh Mallinson"

You can read Mal's no-mention of it here.

~ Chris H.

Have a nice day.

Tremor of Intent.

Not just a clever Anthony Burgress novel anymore (an erotic spy thriller for the uninformed/washed/muppet masses)!

I'm not at %100 bloggergy (the natural element that propells people to talk shit about their lives and keeps emo kids in nice salty tears) yet, so this post is a little bare. Um; I'll probably have flash toys on here.

~ Chris H.

Have a nice day.