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Sunday, April 23, 2006

When the Breakfast Club strikes... never see it coming.

5:01 am, clam happy, lying though. Not alone, discovered Humber by Night sub-culture where film students survive on Rockstar Energy Drink and residence provisions. Learning well from Carebears they've made critical resources open to all, making sure I reach the Fan Appreciation Comicon at 11 by keeping me up all night. Occasionally we'll discuss Bush crashed planes theory or stop to watch a heroic racoon defeat the safeties on a trash can like an ill-fated child removes the lock from his father's shotgun. It's lucky Humber doesen't have a trash compactor because it clearly doesen't have a Comm to 3P0. Thought springy door would keep it for good but they wear bandit masks for a reason.

Humber Radio has really shook it up this year by having 5 whole songs by 6 diffrent bands. Only thing worse then music is personalities. J/k Radio students...

On an semi-relatable point Humber is confirmed haunted in two places. Cap's Pub and L Building, where I am. Lights shut off by intervals. Waiting for dark and seeing ghost 'side me. Eeep. Don't make any sudden movements...

Some recent sightings:

The requisit from behind picture. Foam party at Humber Amp. Eyes stung bitchly.

Me looking uncomfortable at the pub you say apprehensivley? Was sans drink. Remidied that soon.

~ Chris H.

Have a nice day... getting back to work now... *hurm*


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